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The Ocean Sisters Ericeira

A sisterhood. A creative, active, ocean loving community. Our Vanilla Sand Journal Series continues this week in the beautiful costal town of Ericeira, Portugal. We’ll give you a short insight of a strong, creative group of women, who started a community of support and inspiration from scratch – the Ocean Sisters.

“Age, nickname & favourite beach in our beautiful world.”

We are the Ocean Sisters, a group of powerful woman ranging between 20s and 30s. We really appreciate having the Ocean as our front yard, and we would say that beaches around Ericeira are our absolute favourite. All of them.

“Can you please share 2-3 sentences of who you are?”

A movement. A lifestyle. A mindset. A community. 

We are not a single person, but the spirit of each and every girl creating this sisterhood. It’s about supporting, caring, sharing, learning and having fun with inspiring women from all over the world.

“Empowering and growing, through the community.”

“What is your passion in life? What do you do for a living?”

Our passion is connecting, empowering and growing through the community. We help you integrate, teach you new skills, share our experiences, hang out at the best places in town. We want to give you the sense of belonging, of family.

Every one of us has different jobs: in our team we have yoga teachers, IT specialists, surfskate teachers, filmmakers, graphic designers, event managers and counting :)) We like to keep diversity, to spice things up!

“Sunset or Sunrise person?”

Ericeira has magical sunsets, don’t we all agree? Sunset lovers 100%.

“How do you live, share, spread sustainability & community?”

Sharing is caring, right? We are very blessed to be here, at this wonderful spot on Earth, so we like to use our voice to raise awareness and give back. Our main goals are community, engagement and knowledge, ideas, skills, passions. 

We try to engage in social events, in beach and river cleanups, do good and act for the environment!


“How did you first hear of Vanilla Sand?”

We heard about Vanilla Sand for the first time in an Earth Day Giveaway, that’s when we started getting in touch and getting to know the brand!

“Your favourite Vanilla Sand piece?”

Ahh it was difficult to choose, but we would say the Brazilian Bikini with the Lemon print.


Instagram @oceansisters_ericeira
Photos by, @jazlevis

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