• 40% off sales from 22th - 25th Jan we’re shipping worldwide | carbon - free

  • 40% off sales from 22th - 25th Jan we’re shipping worldwide | carbon - free


What Are The Most Sustainable Fabrics? Small Steps Toward a More Eco-Friendly Closet

When you’re making an addition to your wardrobe, environmental impact can be just as important as style. But there ar…

What Makes a Fashion Product Sustainable

Over the last few years, the topic of sustainability has been constantly thrown into the spotlight. While there are p…

Vanilla Nice Cream

Nice cream has been trending for the past couple of years but we want to bring it back because it is one of our favor…

Black Lives Matter

Enough is enough. And it’s time for actual change, we must do better so we can teach our future generations to be bet…

Eco-Friendly Hobbies To Try This Summer

What better way to spend your spare time than with hobbies that help you, others and the planet. With many of us tryi…

Swimwear but “beyond the beach”

Wearing lingerie as outerwear is a trend that has been with us for a while and it keeps reinventing itself. But now i…

The Ocean is female X Vanilla Sand

We’re happy to announce that we have teamed up with ‘The Ocean Is Female’ for their new Marketplace that they just la…

How can the Fashion industry become more sustainable?

The Fashion Industry is responsible for around 10% of the world’s carbon emissions and nearly 20 percent of the world…

Celebrating moms. Everyday is Mother’s Day!

We don’t need a special day to celebrate moms. Everyday is Mother’s Day if you ask us. Giving a gift just for the sak…

ABOUT THE FOUNDER – Interview with Staiy

FOUNDER NAME Corinna Dickenbrok   FOUNDER BIOGRAPHY I am originally from Germany and at first I tried many diffe…
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