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Conscious Questions to ask yourself before buying new clothes

Vanilla Sand always believes that simply being more conscious is a huge step towards being more sustainable. So here are some sustainability questions that will help you reduce your ecological footprint and shop more ethically.

  1. Do I truly need this piece or can I live without it? 

The first and also the easiest thing is to do is question your own choices. Fast fashion promotes want over need and even though it can be fun to experiment and to try out the newest trends you should really ask yourself if this item is actually filling a gap or if it’s just adding to your collection of white sweaters. 

  1. What fabrics are used?

Longevity is the key to a consciously curated wardrobe. The inseam tag is as important as the price tag. Take a look at what fabrics and materials are used, how you will have to wash and take care of it and if it will last long. 

  1. Is it sustainable and ethically made?

Look at the company’s website and try to find their supply chain, where they produce and what materials they use. Not all brands are always transparent. So if you don’t like the information that you see or if they’re not open and clear, you should ask them directly or look somewhere else. 

  1. How much do I love it? 

One thing to always ask yourself is “Would I wear this every week?”. Yes, sometimes we need occasion wear but when it comes to everyday clothes you should only buy it if you love it enough that you’ll wear it over and over again. 

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