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Lena Kemna

For this week’s Vanilla Sand Journal, we had a chat with Lena Kemna. A true ocean and adventure lover, living consciously and trying to implement sustainability in her research and classws at a university in Lisbon. 

“Age, name & favourite beach in our beautiful world.”

26, Lena Kemna, Coxos, although there is no sand 😉 .

“Can you please share 2-3 sentences of who you are?”

I am Lena. I like surfing, being in nature and I have a lot of energy. I like the ocean, but more so being in nature in general. With any weather, no people, or just very view of my favourite people and my dogs. And I am a Phd candidate. 

Giving, I try to give more than I take, both in nature and with people. Strong. And extremely funny – 3 words describing Lena.

“What is your passion in life? What do you do for a living?”

Those are two different things for me. For living I work in academia, I teach and do my Phd. And my passion is diving, surfing, being in nature. That doesn’t pay my bills. But that’s okay.

“Sunset or Sunrise person?”

Sunrise, 100%.

“How do you live, share, spread sustainability & community?”

I implement it in teaching at University. I push for courses to incorporate sustainability into their program, and not only offering separate courses about it. I believe that sustainability shouldn’t be treated as a separate topic, but rather it being a way of ‘doing things’. It should be incorporated as such into every aspect of life.

Personally, I try to do it whenever I can, but I also believe that the real focus should be on the big industries, rather than focusing only on personal, incremental changes.
You do it for yourself whenever you can, of course, but the reality of things shows it’s truly about the big players.

For me, intuitively, I would say community means being there for other people, and then they will be there too.


“How did you first hear of Vanilla Sand?”

I saw it on social media, and then I understood that is was Corinna’s brand. I knew her back from school. We studied our Master’s together at NOVA University Lisboa. I sent her a message to tell her: “Congrats for launching your sustainable business, you go girl!!”

“Your favourite Vanilla Sand piece?”

The one shoulder bikini top in pepper black. I love asymmetrical bikini’s or top’s. 


Instagram @lena.kemna
Photos by @jeffreyvonkphotos & @christinagindl &

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