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What Are The Most Sustainable Fabrics? Small Steps Towards a More Eco-Friendly Closet

When you’re making an addition to your wardrobe, environmental impact can be just as important as style. But there are ways to look great and shop responsibly. One way to make sure you’re making the best choice you can is to buy something made from sustainable fabric.


Plant-Based Fabrics

Fabrics made from plants have a lot of environmental benefits. Plants are a renewable resource for raw materials. Plus if any of these clothes end up in a landfill, most plant-based options are biodegradable.



Linen is a classic eco-friendly fabric. It’s made from the flax plant, which is easy to grow and has lots of other uses. Linen is durable and sturdy, making it a great choice for investment clothing items. Overall, it’s a great pick when you’re trying to shop smarter.


Organic Cotton

Cotton has all the usual plant-based fibre advantages, like coming from renewable sources and creating breathable garments. But growing conventional cotton often involves pesticides, synthetic fertilizer, and large amounts of water. Organic cotton is a better solution. Farmers use a process that recycles lots of chemicals and water, reducing organic cotton’s environmental impact.



Bamboo isn’t just for furniture! The bamboo plant grows extremely quickly, making it an easily renewable resource. And the fabric produced from bamboo is soft, breathable, and luxurious. It’s a favorite option for eco-conscious clothing creators and consumers.



You may not recognize the name Lyocell, but you’ve probably heard of Tencel. Tencel is a name-brand of Lyocell, a specialized rayon manufacturing process and fiber. The process is designed to lower the use of water, chemical, and energy resources. And this popular fabric is becoming easier and easier to find for consumers.


Recycled Fabrics

Another great way to shop sustainably is to buy new clothes made from recycled fabrics. These pieces keep lots of non-biodegradable clothing out of landfills. Some Earth-conscious shoppers avoid any synthetic material or blend. But these recycled fabrics need less energy and water to produce than their conventional synthetic counterparts.



Econyl is a recycled nylon product that uses waste nylon from the ocean as its main raw material. Creating Econyl keeps this waste material out of the ocean, and the manufacturing process is easier on the Earth than new nylon. This fabric is used in a ton of applications, but our favorite is in swimwear. It’s also biodegradable, reducing its long-term environmental impact.

Recycled Polyester

Polyester is not usually the number one material choice for modern clothing shoppers. But recycled polyester can be one of the most sustainable fabrics. It’s usually made from recycled plastic, including water bottles. So it keeps waste out of our landfills. Recycled polyester garments can also be recycled again, keeping that polyester in circulation even after you’re done with the piece you’re buying.


Choosing the Most Sustainable Fabrics When You Shop

When you’re looking to add to your wardrobe while you minimize effects on the planet, start with reading clothing labels carefully. Once you get a good sense of which fabrics are the most sustainable, it’s easy to make informed shopping choices that line up with your values and your style.

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