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Janna Nadjejda Guichet

Freediver. Photographer. Filmmaker. 

For this weeks’ Vanilla Sand Journal series we spoke to Janna Nadjejda Guichet, a spirited ocean artist with big visions and an incredible eye. See for yourself.

“Age, name & favourite beach in our beautiful world.”

Janna, 34 years old. There are so many beaches, but as a kid I always painted the same island with the same beach. I’m still searching for it:) 

“Can you please share 2-3 sentences of who you are?”

I’m an artist. I am a freediver. A chameleon, who adapts easily into new worlds and adventures.

“The ocean is my home.”

“What is your passion in life? What do you do for a living?”

My passion is to spread the benefit of immersing into the ocean and into ourselves.

With my freediving instructor course, I will be able to share amazing techniques on how you can control your mind and body. 

Further I’m working on a movie about 3 woman & the sea with my husband Tomi.

I’m still working as freelance photographer in all kind of areas. Now I’m trying to work only in ocean related, social or sustainable projects.

“Sunset or Sunrise person?”

I prefer sunrise but I mostly see the sunset:D

“How do you live, share, spread sustainability & community?”

My husband and I, we get our veggies and fruits from a local farmer without packing, have a water filter and try to consume only what we really need. With my artworks I want to share the benefit we get from the ocean and so inspire the people to protect it.


Your top 5 things you love to do on days off?

 Be in the water; whether it’s surfing, diving, teaching or shooting with my underwater case. Be with family & friends. Be in nature, breathe, stretch & make artworks. 


“Your favourite Vanilla Sand piece?”

Citizens of Humanity Jumpsuit, the long One-piece in the color Oat Milk.


Instagram @janna_nadjejda

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