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by Daniel Espirito Santo

Waking up for sunrise…

Nature is what motivates me and inspires me most to wake up on early mornings. Hence, the alarm was at 4 am to be in Peniche at sunrise photo-shooting our current collection and new swimwear, launching in spring ´19.

I was lucky to get to know Daniel, our surf photographer, who knows how to greatly capture our sustainable pieces with those warm lights on film. In front of the camera, that was us, #sandgirls from different cultures and covering the entire range of sizes.

We drove along the coastline and stopped here and there if we liked a place. It was bliss.

It’s more about finding the little-known spot and having an unexpectedly good day, or a day that exceeds what you thought it could be. That’s what will happen if you take your time and don’t rush – a very common Portuguese attribute.

Refreshing and salty. Thank you!

Peniche beachwear
Peniche swimwear
Peniche swimwear
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