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Our advanced tech isn’t the only thing that feels amazing — our commitment to keeping things kind & clean is woven into the fabric of your fave looks.


Next-level natural tones

Up to 2/3 of the sustainable impact of fashion happens at the raw materials stage – before the clothes are actually made. Which is why choosing the right materials is so important to us. All our colouring are made from 100% plant-based dyes.

Did you know
that our swimwear turns waste problems into solutions?

Recycled Ocean Plastic

Game-changing performance with a soft, knit feel
We are a proudly partner of @OceanCleanup and of the @Econyl family. We reduce ocean pollution ashore and in our oceans by using recycling ocean plastic for our swimwear.

Organic Cotton

Soft. Comfy. Versatile. A total must.
Creating apparel from organic GOTS certified organic cotton to protect our soils and to reduce water consumption is our commitment since the beginning. It means no genetically modified seeds and restricted use of many chemicals, pesticides and fertiliser—making it safe for the environment and the farmers.

100% Bamboo

An epic, airy & incredibly comfy staple.
Bamboo yarn is a natural fibre that is versatile and light. Bamboo is a renewable resource that can be harvested without harming the plant, and it only takes a few months before the plant is ready to be harvested again. While it grows, the bamboo plants help prevent soil erosion and conserve water. That makes it a rising environmentally-friendly garment choice.

We are proud of what we are putting out into the world and are confident in our mission to be part of an overdue change in the fashion industry.

We prove that design and sustainability go together and are mindfully creating our own standards according to our core values. We believe in the good in people and in the innovative power of humanity.

Being sustainable at all points of our production process is a priority for us and thus all our suppliers are hand picked small artisans who support fair trade. Moreover, we are GOTS and PETA certified cruelty free certified.

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