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Being dedicated to protect mother earth and to support local artisans.
These goals inspire everything we do at VANILLA SAND.


Evolving an affection to the Portuguese culture while studying abroad are the beginning of this brand, but more importantly, the desire to protect mother earth. Our founder, Corinna, was publishing her thesis about sustainable fashion across different cultures. It wasn’t long before her conversations with like-minded people and her dream converged into a business plan and what would soon become the global fashion brand, VANILLA SAND. The team has seats in her country of origin, Germany and in Portugal today. They fuse German accuracy with the Portuguese laid-back warmheartedness.

Our founder, Corinna, is very passionate about sustainability and it is what inspired her to start an eco-friendly swimwear brand. In 2018, during a two-year stay in Lisbon, Corinna discovered her first family-run factory.”


Together, they have conceived and developed a label for their customers, who just like themselves, desired to feel easily and confidently chic with a focus on sustainable integrity and community. They’ve partnered with manufacturers in Portugal as well as in same-lingual Brazil to create hand-made garments for the modern woman or man and their off-duty lives.


The commitment of their label, apparent in each collection, is to source natural or recycled fabrics and to encourage local artisans in comfortable and safe conditions.

Most brands take between 12-18 months before releasing designs, but at Vanilla Sand, a sketch can become a dress in about two or three months, thanks to our local factories. We recycle and strive to be a zero-waste company. Collections are purposely created in small, sustainable runs and we plan to run out of stock.

The Team

Vanilla Sand was founded in 2018 by Corinna Dickenbrok. Ever since the team has been growing and at the moment we count on a mainly female team spread in various different countries!

Our team is a big part of who we are and our culture – the Vanilla Sand members are committed to protecting the environment and making an impact!


Founder & Supply & Creative Director

Vanilla Sand is for me the brand & community, which I wanted to build to make more visibility for ecological footprints in fashion, equality & young drivenness. Being the founder means bringing strategies to life as much as working on daily stuff with my wonderful team to never ever lose personal contact with those creative human beings & this community. Let’s make our clothing your favorite by the look & by what the brand gives you to be proud of! Above all, what’s more powerful than investing in your aura towards others and in yourself!”



Head Designer

“Upcycling and sustainable fashion is a personal concern of mine, which I like to incorporate into my design.

That’s why I love working for Vanilla Sand – because we share the same taste in fashion and both want to leave a positive ecological footprint.

Personally, I don’t like wastefulness and I make a point of ensuring that my designs don’t just appeal to you for a short time, but that they become your long-term favorite pieces and, above all, that they are fun to wear! In Vanilla Sand I found a partner to work with, where I can include my point of view in fashion and we trust each other. “



Head of Account Management & Sales

“I am passionate about Entrepreneurship and Marketing and can’t live without music, friends & family, the sea, and traveling!
I also have a growing interest in sustainability and a big desire to make an impact and Vanilla Sand is the perfect place to do so! I particularly love the culture of the brand and how it strives to be part of the Fashion Revolution movement.”



Social Media Assistant

“Working with the Vanilla Sand team enables me to grow and push a truly authentic brand. 100% sustainable, vegan, this is the future. It’s a beautiful, young, fast-growing brand with all the values that are ever so important to me. To use my professional knowledge to help them grow and thrive is an exciting time in my career.
Last but not least, as you can tell from my social media, I wish I could live an eternal summer all year round, wearing nothing but bikinis – Vanilla Sand bikinis!”



Marketing Manager

“Sofia is an enthusiastic Portuguese sustainable designer and creative woman. She loves wearing our bikinis in her home city directly next to be the beach. Lucky girl!”


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