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Yoga teacher. Self-development coach. Karol da Souza.

We had such a lovely talk with Karol da Souza, who is not only a super talented yoga teacher, but also a self development coach. In her retreats you definitely learn how to improve life quality and be the best version of yourself!

“Age, nickname & favourite beach in our beautiful world.”

My name is Karoline but you can call me Karol, I am 33 years old and my favorite beach in the world is a secret! But I can tell you it’s on an island in South Brazil where I am originally from.


“Can you please share with us ‘who you are’?”

I am a nature lover, passionate traveler, life wanderer, I am a very determined, independent woman on a journey to be the best version of myself while sharing my life’s experiences and wisdom to help other people walk the path to personal development. I am currently working on feeling comfortable with creating roots, forgiving childhood traumas,letting go of control and optimizing inter-personal communication.

“What is your passion in life? And your job?”

My biggest passion is surfing, the ocean is my home.. I grew up on an island and I feel so out of place when I’m not near the sea. I am a Yoga instructor and Personal development retreat organizer.


“How do you live, share, spread sustainability?”

I try my best (but could probably do a lot better) in this.. I buy only organic locally grown veggies, have my own compost bin and recycle the packaging that I can’t avoid. I try to encourage people around me to eat less processed food & animal products. I also promote a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle on my retreats. I could probably do a lot better with buying clothes from sustainable brands, but at least I own a small wardrobe. I like to have a few clothes that I love and wear a lot. I feel that having too much stuff makes life “heavy” to carry. Maybe it’s because I traveled for so many years with only a backpack 😉


“Sunrise or Sunset?”

Sunset for sure, I’m not much of an early riser..


“Your favourite Vanilla Sand piece?”

Love the asymmetrical bikini tops!


“How does your ideal day look like?”

Surfing with friends, eating a yummy meal in a nice restaurant, going to a place I have never been before and reading a book on the beach.


“Where did you first hear about Vanilla Sand?”

I think we connected on instagram through other friends..

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